At frontroom web, we offer the following services (click a service to read more):

What does the journey look like - moving from your initial idea to a finished, functioning website? There are a number of standard steps we usually take:

  • At an initial catch-up, we’ll ask you to describe the website you have in mind, including what you’d like each page to represent, and show us examples of websites you like. If you like, you can prepare for this first step by downloading our website preparation questionnaire, which takes you through the information you can collect that will help us understand your needs.
  • We'll ask you to provide any specific images, like logos and photographs, plus any copy (text) that you’d like included as part of your website.
  • We’ll provide you with a project proposal (including a quote), and on your go-ahead we’ll work our magic and produce a first draft of the site on our dev (development) server. This website will not be “live”, but it will be a fully-functional draft of your website. Depending on the complexity of your website, this step can take up to 2 weeks.
  • We will ask for your feedback and incorporate it into the draft. Sometimes this will need to happen a couple of times before you're completely happy with your site.
  • When you give us the go-ahead we’ll move your site to it’s live environment and you can start enjoying the digital goodness your awesome new website will bring you!

Every website requires images, but where do they come from?

You may already have a logo and some photos you’d like to use, but if you don’t, that’s not a problem!

The first thing people most notice on a website is the Logo. We can work with you to create an appealing logo that represents your business/organisation and create or acquire the images you’ll need for the site.

As well as working with you to plan and arrange photography, we have access to extensive stock image galleries, and can point you in the direction of graphic designers if required.

Your website needs a domain name and a web server to live on, and an email address that matches your domain name sends a message to your customers that they’re dealing with a professional.

We use an Australian company called Webcentral for domain registration, email services and hosting. These services attract a small ongoing fee. We can set-up these services for you as part of your web package, and you can arrange to have the fees directed to yourself, or if you’d prefer, we can look after these for you and bill you.

Once we’ve completed your website and placed it online, it’s quite common to require occasional changes as your business requirements evolve. We’ll be delighted to help maintain your website and make sure it keeps delivering the right message to your customers in an effective way.

Do you need help establishing a web presence beyond just your website? It’s quite common to link a website to other areas on the web where you could have a presence. This can include a business facebook page, or Linkedin page. Does your business have a Google business profile? Is it listed on Google Maps etc?

We can help establish your web presence on these platforms and connect them to your new website. Often this process can go hand-in-hand with the development of the website itself, which creates a more consistent message and branding across web locations.


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